• Motla Projects CC

    MOTLA PROJECTS CC is a close corporation which was established on 25 July 2000 and is owned by a professional black female, Patricia Motla.

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  • Service Delivery

    MOTLA PROJECTS CC is fully capable of undertaking the following tasks in the field of Engineering

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  • Quality Assurance

    MOTLA PROJECTS CC strives to treat each client in accordance to his or her unique quality requirements and related risk exposure.

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Motla Projects CC Vision And Mission

Vision .

Quality construction services are in great demand within the target market and we expect a steady growth within our company.

Our vision therefore is;

  • To continue as the leading and dynamic construction company in the Industry that embodies training and skills development, these we believe are very important components towards development of quality Human Resources.
  • To be continuously competitive, and to supply professionally engineered and supportive services to all our clients, through the continuous application of suitable knowledge and technology.
  • To provide a quality service, that will provide a competitive advantage to all our clients, and to fulfill all requirements.
  • To have complete understanding of and at all times fulfill the requirements of our services, as agreed upon within our Client Service Agreement.
  • To provide a safe, healthy and risk-free working environment that shall contribute to our community.
  • To ensure continuous and healthy financial growth.


AIMS AND Objectives

MOTLA PROJECTS CC is committed and obliged to serve our clients. We are committed to full participation in the economic development of our country in which both social and economic upliftment of all communities, are considered a priority.

The above are expressed selectively as follows;

  • The creation of a coordinated framework which shall contribute positively to the realisation of the MOTLA PROJECTS CC Vision.
  • Sharing an uncompromised commitment to excellence and taking pride in all we do.
  • Striving to provide the most beneficial and cost effective services within our private and business industries to meet the present and future demand at an affordable price that permits continued viability of the undertaking.
  • The offering of construction and maintenance services to the highest standard of workmanship at a competitive price and meeting client delivery deadlines.
  • To lay a foundation of skilled workers through competitive training and development.
  • Motivating our people by selecting the best person for the job, attending to their basic needs and rewarding them in accordance to their skills and performance.
  • MOTLA PROJECTS CC's primary objective is to understand and satisfy the needs of our clients and our employees.
  • Our main aim is to strive to be the leading service provider in the country by ensuring that our services are carried out with utmost efficiency and professionalism and that are timeous and cost-effective.
  • We will therefore uphold our principles to improve our products and services to the best of our ability as our services have gained the trust and reliance of many clients.
  • Innovation and professionalism is our goal to be achieved by a well-motivated and committed team.
  • Our objective is to increase in profitability. This will be achieved by good marketing strategies within the next three years.


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